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Anglès. Vocabulari nivell Basic. 775 paraules més usuals

Publicat el 25 de juny de 2019

A continuació, per ordre alfabètic, hi ha la llista de les paraules angleses bàsiques, per la freqüència i ús, que convé saber.

Aquests mots són  substantius, verbs, adjectius, adverbis. Per consolidar la seva comprensió, no n’hi ha prou amb llegir-les, sinó que cal utilitzar-les fent frases. Si les categories anteriors representen les rajoles i les lloses amb que construir l’edifici lingüístic, cal cimentar-les i reforçar-les amb l’ús d’articles, pronoms, preposicions i conjuncions.


Basic English Words


Able, about, above, abroad, accept, ache, accuse,  action, add, address, admit, afford, afraid, after, again, against, age, ago, agree, air, alive, all, allow, almond,  almost, already, also, always, among,  angry, ankle, annoy, another, answer, ant,  ape,  apologize, apple,  apricot, arm, around, arrive,  ask, aunt, away.  45


Back, bad, bag, bake, ball,  basket, bath,  be, beach, bear, beard,  beat, beauty, because, become, bed, bee, beer, before, begin, behind, believe, below, belt, berry, between, big, bike,  bird, birth, bitter,   black, blood, blow, blue, boat, body, bone, book,  boot, boss, both, bottle, bow, box, boy, bread, break, breathe, brick, bridge, bring, brother, brown, burn, build, business, butter, buy, bye.  60




Cake, call,  candle, car, card, care, carpet, carrot, carry,  cash, castle, cat, celery, cell(phone), chain, chair, chance, change, cheap, cheek, cheese,  cherry, chess, chest, chicken, child,  choose, church, circle, citizen,  class, clean, clear, clever,  clock, close, clothes, cloud, coast, coat,  cold, comb, come, complain, computer, congratulations, cook, cool, corn, corner, cost, cotton, council, count, country, couple, cow, crash, crazy,  cross, crowd, cry, cub, cup, cut ,  65



Dance, danger, dark, date, daughter, day, deal,  dear, death*,  deep,  desk,  dessert, devil, die, difficult, dinner, dirty,  dish,  do, dog, door,   down,  draw, dream, dress, drink, drive, drop, duck,  dust. 30


Eagle,  ear, early, earn, earth, easy, eat, egg,   elbow, empty, end,  enjoy, enough,   even, evening,   every, evil,  expensive, explain, eye, 20


Face, fair(x2), faith,  fall, false, family, far, farm, fast, fat, father, fear, feel,  few, field, fight, fill, find, fine, finger, finish, fire, fish,flag, flat, fly, floor, flower, follow, food,  foot,  force, forest,  forget, forgive, fork, fox, free, freeze, fridge, friend,  frog,  fruit, full, fun, 45


Game,  garden, garlic, gate,  get,  girl, give,  glass, glasses, glove, go,  god, gold, good,  granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandson, grass, great, greet, green, grey,  grow, gun, 25


Hair, half,  hand, happen, happy,  hard,  hat, hate, have,  head, health, hear, heart, heat, heaven, heavy, hell, help, here, hide, high,  hit, hold, hole, holiday, home, honey, hope, horse,  host, hot, hour, house, hug,  humble, hungry, hunt, hurry, hurt, husband, 40



Ice,  ill,   improve, in,  injury, ink,  inside,   into, iron, island, 10


Jam,  jaw, jelly,  jewel,  job, joke,  journey,   joy,   juice, jump, 10


Keep,  key, kick,  kid, kidney,  kind(x2), king, kill, kiss, kit,  kitchen,  knee, knife,  know, 15


Lake, land, large, last, late, laugh, law, lazy, lead,  leaf, learn, leave, left, leg, lemon let, letter, lettuce, level, lie, life, light, like, line, lion, lip, listen, little, live, liver,  long, look, lose, lot, loud, love, low, luck, lunch, lung,  40


Make, mail,  man, many, market, marry, match,  maybe, meal,  mean meet, melon*, middle, milk, mind(x2), mirror, miss, mistake,  money,  month, moon,  morning,  mother, mountain, mouse,  mouth, move, much, must, 30


Nail, naked, name,  narrownear*,  neck, need, needle,  neighbour,  nest,  net, never, new, news,  next, nice,  night, noise,  nose, nothing, now, number, nun, nurse, nut, 25



Oak, off, often, old,  on, once, one, onion, only, open, orange,  other,  oven, over, own, 15


Pain, paint, pair,  paper, park,  party, past, pay, pea, peace,  peach, pear, pearl, pen, pencil, people,  person,  picture, pig, pill, pillow,  pine*, pink, place,  plane, play, please, plenty, plum, pocket, polite, poor,   potato, power,  pretty, price,  pull, purple, push, put, 40


Queen,  queer,  question, queue, quick,  quiet,  quite.


Rabbit, race(x2),  rain, rainbow, raise, read, ready, recipe, red,  relationship,  remember, remind, rescue, research, rest,  rice, rich, ride, right(x2), ring, rise, river, road, rob,  rock, roof,  room,  round, rule, run, 30



Sad, sail, salad, salt, same, sand, say, schoolsea,  search, season(X2), seat, see, seem,  self, sell, send,  set, several,  shadow, shake,  shame, shape, share, shark, sheep,  shine, ship, shirt, shoe, shoot, shop, short, shoulder, shout,  show, shower,  sick, side*,  sight, silk, silver, since, sing, single, sister, sit, , size,  skin,  sky, sleep, sleeve, slow, small, smell, smile, smoke, smooth, snake, snow, soap, sock, soft, some, son, song, soon, sorry, soul, soup, souvenir,  speak, speech, spell, spend, spider,  sport, spoon, spot, square,  stand, stair, star, start,  stay, steal, steel, still, sting, stone, stop, storm, story, strawberry, street, strong, sugar,  sun,  sweet, swim, 100



Table, tail,  take, tale, tall, talk, taste, tea, teach, tear, tell, team,  thank, thick, thief, thin, thing, think, thirsty,  thought,  throw,  thunder,  tick, tide, tie, time,   tired,  today,  together, tomato,  tomorrow,  too(x2), tool, tooth, top, touch, towel, tower, town, toy, trade,  train, travel,  tree,  trouble, trousers, true, trust,  try,  turn, twist, 50


Ugly, umbrella,  uncle, under, understand, unless,   until, up,   upset, use, 10


Valley, vast, vegetable, veil, velvet, very,  view, village,  voice, vowel, 10


Wait, wake, walk, wall, want, war, warm,  wash,  watch, water, wave, way, weak, week, weapon, wear, weather, web, wedding,  welcome, well, wet,  whale, wheat, wheel,  white, whole, wide, wife, wild, will, win, wind, wine, wing, window, wise, wish, with/without, witness, wolf, woman, wonder, wood, word, work, world, worry,  write, wrong, 50


Yard,  year, yellow, yesterday, yet, yolk,  young,  youth, 8

Zebra,  zero,  zest, zigzag,  zip, zoo, zoom, 7



Total words :  775


A continuació,  elements de connexió de les paraules.



I, you, he/she/it, we, you, they

My, your, his/her/its, our, your, their

Me, you, him/her/it, us, you, them

Mine, yours, his/hers/its, ours, yours, theirs


(preposition & conjunctions)

A, and, any, as, at,  but, by,  for, from,   if, in,  into, of, or, out,  so,  to.


(W-words, for questions)

What, when, where, who, why, how, which


(Aquí, allà ;  aquest, aquell ;  aquests, aquells  /  Hi ha )

Here, there  /  This, that   /  These,  those  / There is,  there are


(Comparatius :   més  que …. /   menys  que)

More than…..   /   less  than ……


Spring, Summer, Autumn(Fall), Winter

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September,    October, November, December.Christmas, Easter

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Dawn, Morning,  Noon, Afternoon, Evening,  Night, Midnight.

East, South, West, North.

Zero(Nought), One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty. Thirty, Forty, Fifty, Sixty, Seventy, Eighty, Ninety, Hundred. Thousand. Million. Billion.

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, tenth, eleventh…twentieth…

Yes  /  No (Not)  /

Indeed  :  (certament)

Maybe   /  Perhaps  :   (potser)

Not at all  :  (en absolut)

Anyway  :  (de totes maneres)

By the way : (per cert)

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