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30 de desembre de 2013
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Spain’s financial conflict in a nutshell

espolifiscalWhat follows is a good summary of how Spain finances its state and its regions. I am not the author and I do not know who the author is. I found it in an online debate attached to a news article of a British daily; but I thought it made a good summary despite the informal register.

I don’t know where you are from, but I’ll assume you’re from the UK for the purpose of this post. You guys are richer than several EU countries, so I assume you are ok with contributing part of your taxes to support them, right? Yes? Good.
Then hand us the cash. How much? Don’t worry about that, we’ll take it all, and then return the part we didn’t need when is convenient for us. When are we returning it? I don’t know man! This year, or the next one. We’ll let you know the week before. Yeah, we’ll also let you know how much we are returning the week before. You go ahead and make your budget.
What’s that? You ran out of money? You guys are terrible at budgeting, aren’t you? Here, we’ll give you a loan while we decide when we’ll give you the money we owe. 5% Interest. Don’t complain.
So these guys can afford better healthcare and roads than you? And lower taxes too? Maybe you should take example, they sure are doing something right.
Oh, you say that this prosperity is a result of your contribution? That they are now significantly richer than you after you transfered all that tax money to them? That you’d like to be able to afford that nice things but instead you are forced to close hospitals? Sorry, all I hear is you are a selfish, bigoted nationalist who doesn’t want to help anyone. How can you sleep at night?
  1. Heu explicat el fets de forma planera, directe i sense dramatitzar pero a la vegada cruament realista, Tan debó, els que dubten – i entenen l´anglés –
    s´adonin i sense la cárrega dels perjudicis optin votar per la independencia de Catalunya.

    Salut i Gracies.

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